Skin-pack packing machine with automatic frames and line punch


A basic element of the automatic packaging line, this machine is composed of a 70x50 Skin-pack system equipped with automatic opening and closing of the frames. This packaging machine has been completed with a self-propelled-cylinder punching device for the cutting and blooming of individual packages.The positioning of sheets before packaging and the extraction of those sheets after packaging is completely manual.

The plant can be equipped by accessories that be able to get faster the job times, that is:


AUTOMATIC LOADER cardboard to have package








   Technical data  


   Card size 70 x 50 cm*
   Max height pack 15/18 cm
   Overall dimensions 490 x 160 x 310 H
   Weight 1650 kg
   Voltage 380 V 3Ph+n+t
   Power 14 kw
   Pneumatic system
6 atm
  * other sizes on request  


All information can be changed by the company without any prior notice
if these are given to improve the machine.