Semi-automatic skin-pack wrapping machine mod. 70x50x32




An extremely versatile machine that provides wrapping for display packs (self-service, etc.), products meant for storage, or fragile goods due to be shipped. The work cycle is completely automatic since it is governed by microprocessor (PLC); the operator simply feeds in the card and then removes it after the wrapping has been completed. This machine comes with a suction pump that guarantees better packaging results and its noise level meets the new regulatory norms. In addition, the machine is equipped with three (3) different protective accident-preventing devices. Compositional make-up in conformity with EU standards.







  Technical data  
  Card size 70 x 50 cm *
  Film width 55 cm
  Overall dimensions 250 x 170 x 180 H
  Weight 450 kg
  Voltage 380/400 V 3Ph+n**
  Power 11 kW
  I max 24 A
  I cycle 14 A
  P (kwh) 9,7
  Pneumatic system 7 atm
  Air consumption 33 NL
 * other sizes on request  
 ** Available 230V 3Ph  


All information can be changed by the company without any prior notice
if these are given to improve the machine.