Punch-cutting machine, self-propelled-cylinder version



This machine, designed for the cutting and punching of single packs that have already been thermo-shaped, has revolutionised the cutting concept inherent to the already well-known punch-cutting machine with stationary cylinders because it eliminates a reversing of the sheet above the American punch. Through the use of a mechanical arm, the plug cutter is positioned exactly over the sheet to be cut. In this way, it is much easier to cut packages that contain especially heavy articles and are difficult to turn over.





   Technical data  

   Card size 70 x 50 cm*
   Max height pack 15/18 cm
   Overall dimensons 155 x 90 x 150 H
   Weight 850 / 900 kg
   Voltage 380 V 3Ph+n+t
   Power 1,5 kw
   Pneumatic system
6 atm
   * other sizes on request  


All information can be changed by the company without any prior notice
if these are given to improve the machine.