Manual skin-pack wrapping machine mod. 50x35x20








A wrapping machine specially designed for small batch production or for preparing samples. The machine works mechanically and is operated by hand, eliminating the need for a pneumatic system.







   Technical data  

   Card size 35 x 50 cm*
   Film width 39 cm
   Overall dimensions 130 x 190 x 150 H
   Weight 220 kg
   Voltage 220 / 380 V 3Ph+n**
   Power 5 kW
   I max 9,5 A
   I cycle 6 A
   P (kwh) 4,16
   Max height pack 20 cm
  * other sizes on request  
  ** Available 230V 3Ph  


All information can be changed by the company without any prior notice
if these are given to improve the machine.