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In business since 1975, A.P.M. srl is a company specialised in the packing and wrapping field, a company that offers its clientele reliability and experience in setting up systems for any packaging need whatsoever.

All A.P.M. machinery complies with existing regulations, and the size of our machinery can be modified to meet particular requirements. In order to guarantee you the best possible service, A.P.M. srl does not trade through retail outlets and instead sells directly throughout Italy.



Skin-pack and blister wrapping is famous far and wide because it helps you benefit from an incredibly large number of uses. Using a specially printed card (or piece of cardboard) and a shiny film or a thermoformed valves, the skin-pack and blister becomes an enticing advertisement for items placed on display stands in the sales outlet inasmuch as the transparency of that film highlights the shapes and functions of the item in question. Otherwise using the skinpack with a more rigid cardboard backing and a thicker film, instead, you can get shipment-style packing that is both strong and secure.